Robyn Walsh

Hi, thanks for visiting and welcome! I’m Robyn, a degree qualified Naturopath dedicated to helping you achieve optimal health & wellness. I’m passionate about utilising my knowledge & experience as a naturopath, clinical nutritionist, herbalist & NER practitioner. My approach is first and foremost client centred, followed by evidence based and holistic care.
Born and raised in Canada, I left shortly after graduating high school. I set off travelling to enjoy the splendours of the world and eventually found myself in Coffs Harbour, NSW where I still live and call home.
Whilst I enjoy treating all health conditions and concerns my love lies with digestive health. Having faced struggles myself with digestive health, I know first-hand how debilitating and challenging poor gut health can have on all aspects of our wellbeing.
My quest in healing my own digestive health has allowed me to see the effectiveness of diet/nutrition, herbal medicine, lifestyle modifications, stress management, and other therapies. Inspired by my own results, I’m motivated to share these methods with others.
I’m available for online consultations and have limited capacity for face-to-face appointments. I work closely with a network of top-notch allied health practitioners and am involved in regular mentoring with experts in their field to guarantee optimal client outcomes.


If you’re seeking a naturopath dedicated to helping you achieve your best possible health and overall well-being, don’t hesitate to reach out.  We’re excited to assist you on your journey and look forward to meeting you!

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